Palais Des Thes – The First All Inclusive Tea Club

thes palace (palais des thes) is one of the most exciting tea clubs offering a revolutionary concept, “tea with friends”. This idea is actually a blessing for all tea enthusiasts because now, they can taste the best of tea in their own homes without going to a tea house where it might be too expensive or simply unattractive. For one-time members can enjoy the pleasure of drinking and sharing a cup of great tea at home anytime of the day. “Palais des Thes” also offers two options for tasting: one is by appointment and the other is a free tasting tea. The choice is solely up to the guest.

The greatest advantage of a “Palais des Thes” tea club is its small yet significant cost. Tea lovers will find this price a welcome surprise, especially considering that they often have to pay for expensive tea houses, just to taste the best of what the area has to offer. The monthly membership fee is only $30, which includes a free teapot, free membership card for sample packs, free tea bag, a lifetime tea trail and the option to order a loose leaf tea anytime from their website. They also throw in a free newsletter with interesting articles and a free sample of their delicious chai tea. All the members get access to the members’ only area.

As they say, “tea is good for you” and in these times when teas are already getting more popular, such kind of club is definitely worth subscribing to. Aside from that, one can easily sample different types of teas and expand their knowledge of good teas and how to make them. It also helps them save money from buying teas at expensive stores.