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What Dresses Say About Feminism

The concept of feminism has been around for years. Every day a feminist rises to fight for empowerment in a patriarchal world where a women’s abilities are defined by her clothing. Not only her dress but her skin, her work and the mere fact of who she is. However, the new world is growing more in favor of women and thus is the fashion industry. Supersaver Mama’s ChicMe Promo Codes at also brings about a wide range of dresses and attire to boost confidence as well as bring style for women. But while most might agree, the argument of dresses working against the feminist attributes remain.

Should you wear them?

The misconception surrounding dresses is that it takes women back to the days when they lived under the rule of men. However, modern-day dressing such as those from the ChicMe Collection is more influenced by the 20th-century revolution in the industry defined by a woman’s stature in society.

To top it off; the use of a dress is mainly due to its functions that define women and gives them the ability to promote a healthier self-image. It aims to deny confinement to the values of the world that degrade a woman’s ability to live as per her wishes.

So, do dresses degrade the aspect of feminism?

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Body-hugging dresses and those that show off skin are termed to be sexualized dresses promoting objectification. However, take a step back and look again at who is triggered by the concept of body-hugging dresses. When it comes to dressing up, women do it for themselves; to feel more confident in their skin and to promote a different style. While objectification of women is still prevalent, the concept should much rather be targeted on its portrayal in media rather than what a woman decides to put on her back, herself.

Keeping that in mind, the question of whether or not dresses promote feminism comes to mind, and the answer is most definitely no. Women have the freedom to decide what they wear and what makes them look good and that definition should not be taken away from them. The patriarchy holds no place in defining the attire, and that is what makes the concept of dresses so great.

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